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Odell Church News - September 2015



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Several years ago I was attending a residential pre-retirement course for clergy.  One of the subjects during the three days was how much notice to give and there was an emotional discussion lasting an hour and a half.  Because of my particular circumstances at the time, I didn’t really identify with the arguments and counter arguments and as lunchtime approached I told the gathered clergy that the issue for me was how and when to tell people I was staying, not when I was leaving!  It was a bit like the appearance of the joker in the pack of cards.  We broke for lunch in a lighter frame of mind. 

However, it left me unprepared for one of the most difficult decisions – when to tell people. I don’t believe in causing people unnecessary stress and anxiety, especially when future plans have an uncertain time scale.  When your family home is let to tenants, there can be considerable delays obtaining vacant possession.  Both selling and purchasing property takes time and turned out to be protracted.  Only when things became clear could we make any decision about the timing of my retirement.  In the meantime, all we have been able to do is say ‘we shall be retiring within the next two years.’ 

I have not wished to continue in full time ministry until the great age of 70.  Both of us will be within 18 months of this and feel that we would like to have quality time together and with our families and pursue some of the activities we enjoy.  We shall be moving to Barton le Clay.  I feel it is important to be far enough away to clearly pass on pastoral care to the next minister. 

It has come at a difficult and unsettled time for the villages in the north west of the Sharnbrook Deanery.  By the time the Bridge is published, the future pattern of ministry for these churches may be clearer and hopefully the recruitment of new clergy will be able to proceed.  

I shall still be in post to write the letter for the next (Bridge) magazine – and in the meantime ask for prayers for all involved in discussions and making decisions about future ministry, cover for services and pastoral care during the vacancy and for Jonathan and me as we prepare to move and retire.  Although, as I have been told, ‘you never retire from ministry.’

Rev. Jane Fox, Minister for Carlton, Harrold and Harrold URC 

Prayer Group

What is the Prayer Group?  It is made up of members of All Saints’ Church who undertake to pray regularly, on an individual basis, for people who ask us for prayer support.   

Who do we pray for?  Anyone whom we are asked to remember; these might be people from our church, from our local community or others known to us.   

What do we pray about?  Anything which you would like brought before God; maybe anxiety due to illness, stress or loneliness.  You can also tell us of a special day you wish to be remembered – perhaps for an interview or an exam.  Any information will be treated in strictest confidence. 

How can you let us know if you would like us to pray for you?  You can telephone Madeline Jeeves (720803) and email  

Messy Church 

Above: learning about St Alban and making stained glass windows at Messy Church

In May we were learning about sheep and shepherds and Jesus being the good shepherd and how we are all important to God. Ann Hudson came to talk about wool and fleeces and to show us how to spin. There was an opportunity to do knitting, which was appreciated by the grown ups! We dressed a scarecrow as a shepherd for the scarecrow festival in Carlton.

 William enjoyed making the sheep cakes and sheep badges.

Elizabeth enjoyed making the card sheep with the psalm on it and learning how to knit.

Lola enjoyed the sheep game – ‘We took turns to be the sheep dog!’

Josie enjoyed the treasure hunt.  

John and Sean enjoyed the food and making the shepherd’s face.

Felicity and Freya liked everything. 

In June we learnt all about St Alban. We acted out the story and heard about how the Cathedral and Abbey Church of St Albans was built. We made stained glass windows and Alban crosses, decorated gingerbread men and played games. 

There is no meeting in August and September and there will be publicity about future activities.

 Christian Aid Collection May   

Sixteen parishes in our rural North Beds area participated in Christian Aid Week this year and we raised a total of Ł5224.48.  Many thanks to all village organisers and contributors!

 Margaret, the CA organiser for this area, sent a quote from an email she had received:

Margaret, the Christian Aid Week organiser for this area, sent a quote from an email she had received:

“With every envelope you deliver, with every coffee morning you hold, with every step of your sponsored walks, with every cake you bake, and with everything you do for Christian Aid Week, you’ll be doing something amazing: acting out God’s love for the poorest in the world, and bringing them hope.”


Congratulations to Anna Halton and James Kitulagoda, of Clifton near Shefford, who were married at Chicheley Hall on Friday 31st July. (above and below) The couple now live in Reading, where James works as a  research chemist, and Anna commutes to London to continue her career with an international development agency.  Anna is the daughter of Rachel and Barry Halton, of Greystones, Little Odell.


On Saturday 8th August the marriage of Mark Asbery and Julie Hill took place at St Laurence Church, Weston Underwood (see below).  The day was a truly joyous celebration.

Many Congratulations Mark and Julie!

Mark and Julie Asbery

All Saints’ Church Charitable Giving for the months of September and October is to Mercy Ships, an American Christian charity providing free operations, sending teams of dentists to local hospitals, talks for local villages about aids, teaching projects and projects to help women help themselves, building new schools/orphanages, and follow-up nursing for ex-patients.  All who work on the ships contribute financially.

See the notice board in the church for more information on the amazing work done by this charity.


Thank you

Sarah and Bill Bennett would like to thank everyone who came to their 65th wedding anniversary lunch on 30th June, and helped to make the day so special.

Congratulations, Sarah and Bill!

All Saints’ Church Flower Rota


6th St. Mary’s Patronal Festival

13th Jane Smith

Maureen Clarkson

27th Jilly Watson 

Happy Birthday to… 

Christy Vyvyan – who will be 16 on 13th and

Sarah Jane Holden-Postles who will be 12 on 19th,

And to anyone with a birthday in September!

Meeting Point


2nd 10.30am at Eileen Nottage’s, Heydown, High St.

16th 10.30am at Jane Eshelby’s, Newton House, Avenue, Rd.,

Newton Bromswold, Rushden

30th  10.30am at Madeline Jeeves’s, 15 Horsefair Lane


14th 10.30am at Jen Cuddeford’s, 17 Russell Court, Bushmead Avenue, Bedford, MK40 3RW.



2nd 10.30am Meeting Point at Eileen Nottage’s, Heydown, High St.

8th 2.30pm WI trip to Waitrose, Rushden

10th 10.30am Health walk, HOCP

12th 10.00am Bike ‘n Hike/Open Church at All Saints’ Odell

16th 10.30am Meeting Point at Jane Eshelby’s, Newton House, Avenue Rd., Newton Bromswold

21st 7.30pm Parish Council Meeting, Village Hall

24th 10.30am Health walk, HOCP

28th 10.00am Friends’ Task Day, HOCP

30th 10.30am Meeting Point at Madeline jJeves’s, 15 Horsefair Lane


8th 10.30am Health walk, HOCP

17th 7.30pm Moličre’s ‘Tartuffe’, Village Hall 

Magazine Deadline

Please send all entries for the October 2015 magazine to Tricia Hudson (  or Catherine Corkery by September 12th at the latest.  May we remind you that the editorial team exercises the right to edit, shorten or alter any items that are submitted.  Also, the opinions expressed in the articles are those of the contributors and are not the responsibility of the editorial team.



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