Pictures from Odell Fete - June 8th 2002!!!!! (pics by Mel Scott)

wpe2.jpg (138093 bytes)The band played

wpe4.jpg (55466 bytes)

          A few suffered






wpe5.jpg (44451 bytes)The tea tent team were kept busy

wpe6.jpg (53512 bytes)wpe7.jpg (50511 bytes)

wpe8.jpg (57706 bytes)wpe9.jpg (53812 bytes)

wpeA.jpg (47116 bytes)wpeC.jpg (48780 bytes)

The Dog Show was a great success......


wpeB.jpg (31705 bytes)wpeD.jpg (41315 bytes)

wpeE.jpg (56711 bytes)wpeF.jpg (61588 bytes)wpe12.jpg (31065 bytes)

Meanwhile,  back at the bandstand, things were getting out of hand!

wpe10.jpg (30798 bytes)wpe11.jpg (44751 bytes)

but the morning after, our beautiful riverside setting was as unspoilt as before, thanks to all the helpers!

02river1.jpg (137318 bytes)

just fish and trees again


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